Zerogoki The first Algorithmic stable leveraged asset minting and trading protocol

Understanding the Design Mechanisms of Zerogoki

$REI is the system token of the Zerogoki ecosystem and the other is all synthetic assets or zAssets.

  1. REI — Zerogoki Token
  2. zUSD — Zerogoki USD(supports liquidity mining with USDT trading pairs)

For every 1$ of synthetic assets minted $1 of REI will be burned or vice versa. REI is burned in Lite mint and zAsset is issued. On the other hand, zUSD is a dollar-pegged bidding asset of other zAssets.

Initially, there were 8 types of zAssets including zUSD :

Leveraged tokens are ERC20 assets that can give you leveraged exposure to cryptocurrency markets, without all the nuts and bolts of managing a leveraged position. XL token represents a price change x times of the underlying asset.

  1. zUSD — Zerogoki USD(supports liquidity mining with USDT trading pairs)
  2. zGOVT 20L — 20X Long US Treasury bonds
  3. zBTC 3L — BTC 3X Leveraged Long
  4. zBTC 3S — BTC 3X Leveraged Short
  5. zETH 3L — ETH 3X Leveraged Long
  6. zETH 3S — ETH 3X Leveraged Short
  7. zMVI 2L — Metaverse Index 2X Long
  8. zMVI 2S — Metaverse Index 2X Short

$p_{current} = p_{current raw} * ((p_{last raw}-p_{current raw})*3 + 1)$

p_{current} is the updated leveraged token price

p_{current reaw} is the current price of the underlying asset

p_{last raw} is the price of the underlying asset at the last moment

Rebalancing a crypto portfolio means redistributing asset allocation to maintain the original or desired allocation or risk. Rebalancing occurs when the underlying asset price changes higher than 10%. When the asset price changes lower than 10% in a day rebalancing happens at 6:00 UTC

As stated above that REI is used to mint/redeem zAssets. Holders of REI can also participate in governance staking will receive incentives. The liquidity providers for REI/USDT,zUSD/USDT, and zAsset/USDT receive 50% of the initial REI allocation and 25% is received by REI/USDT, zUSD/USDT liquidity providers. It should also be noted here that Zerogoki uses UNISWAP V2 as a trading platform and V2 LP as the certificate to get rewarded.

The rate of REI emission plan through liquidity rewards is shown below.

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